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Piers Morgan outgunned; blasted for ignorant response to Fort Hood shooting

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Perennial party-pooper Piers Morgan is still criticizing the Second Amendment, and Wednesday’s Fort Hood shooting provided what he thought was the perfect segue into the issue — but it didn’t turn out quite as perfect as planned.

Losing his soapbox on CNN hasn’t stopped Morgan’s gun-bashing — he just took his business to Twitter, where a couple of lady tweeps — most notably Townhall’s Katie Pavlich — were on hand to chew him up and spit him out. Twitchy was on hand to record all the action.

Just before the witching hour as the rest of the nation grieved over another Fort Hood tragedy, Morgan set fingers to keyboard and hammered out his opening salvo:

Pavlich took note and hammered right back — and she kept on hammering until the former TV news host was thoroughly emasculated:

That’s when Morgan brought up the subject of gun registration — a hot-button issue among Second Amendment advocates, because registration invariably leads to confiscation. He got tag-teamed on that one.

So take that, Morgan. Next time, you may want to do a little research before opening your mouth.

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