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Liberal blogger uses Fort Hood shooting to say sick things about Andrew Breitbart

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For some odd reason, Huffington Post blogger M.J. Rosenberg decided Wednesday’s tragic shooting at Fort Hood, Texas was an opportune time to attack deceased conservative media figurehead Andrew Breitbart.

Rosenberg, formerly with Media Matters, the left-wing attack machine funded indirectly by George Soros, posted the following tweet that he later deleted:

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Not satisfied with the hatred spewed for one day, Rosenberg posted a number of other remarks, yet seemed to lose his nerve here too, as these tweets were also deleted.

Twitchy.com was only too happy to remind him that the Internet is forever:


Rosenberg appeared to be responding to an anti-Muslim tweet by Pat Dollard, who is a Breitbart News contributor — Dollard was roundly condemned by all sides for his action.

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As the night wore on, Rosenberg seemed to acquire a few ounces of courage, no doubt at the corner package store, as he doubled down on his hatred, even duplicating the tweet he deleted earlier.

In the end, Andrew Breitbart was so successful because he was able to expose the left for who and what they are, and Rosenberg’s actions yesterday put that insanity front and center for all to see:

Tom Tillison


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