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Libs lose it, drown themselves in foul language over SCOTUS free speech ruling

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Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down some limits on campaign donations by individuals set off a wave of reactions that pretty much crystalized the political discourse in the country today.

In Twitter commentary, conservatives pleased with the confirmation of First Amendment rights lawmakers decided to limit for their own political safety greeted the news with joy, and in terms so simple even liberals could understand them.

Some reactions might have been a little tricky for libs, though, since there are some things that might be foreign to them. Words like “private citizens” and “own wealth,” for instance.

Meanwhile, you could almost hear the liberals howling.

Far-lefty websites like Salon and The New York Times grieved with headlines like “Another blow to democracy” (Times) or the more personal “Scalia’s new disaster” (Salon) that made run-of-the-mill lefties like Huffington Post look more or less sane (“Supreme Court strikes down overall limits on campaign contributions.”)

As to Twitter, the liberal reaction leaned heavily on Harry Reid’s favorite ogres, brothers Charles and Davie Koch, and the limitless evil they’re now capable.

Actually, that’s a cleaned up version of the commentary. Where conservatives used terms liberals could understand, liberal Twitter posts used terms more commonly seen on bathroom walls.

This is the kind of thing that passes for wit among our lefty compatriots

The Occupy folks might have spent the past few years out of sight, but they’re still out of their minds.

But here’s one quote from Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling that about sums it up perfectly. Since it’s got flag burning in it, the libs might listen.

H/T: Twitchy


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