Anti-gun mayor totally loses it during TV interview on new gun law

Jones-UngerIn a complete flip of the expected, Charleston Mayor Danny Jones, a Republican, got into a heated debate with West Virginia Democratic Senate Majority Leader John Unger over a new pro-gun law sponsored by Unger.

The intent of the law was to create uniform gun laws throughout West Virginia, which eliminates many city gun ordinances, according to WOWK 13.

Jones, who is a member of Michael Bloomberg’s group “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” was concerned about the law allowing people to carry guns at venues such as swimming pools, tennis courts and after-school centers.

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Appearing on a local program aired a couple of weeks back, he and Unger, who sponsored the new law, went at it over whether that is true or not.

The majority leader stated that a person can’t carry a gun into a municipally owned or operated building, to include city hall, with host Bray Cary agreeing with him. The mayor adamantly disagreed.

“No it is not! You can,” Jones said. “What you have to do, you have to walk up and tap a guy on the shoulder and say, ‘Please remove your gun.’”

Referring to his counterpart as a “knucklehead up at the Legislature,” Jones berated the lawmaker as “just a state senator… taking marching orders from the National Rifle Association.”

Now when is the last time you’ve heard a Republican accusing a Democrat of that?

Tom Tillison


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