Former CIA chief’s Benghazi testimony ‘full of excuses,’ ‘contradictory to the facts,’ say Reps

Michael Morell, the former deputy CIA director, went before Congress on Wednesday and admitted that he favored the reporting of analysts far removed from the scene who […]

Libs lose it, drown themselves in foul language over SCOTUS free speech ruling

Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling that struck down some limits on campaign donations by individuals set off a wave of reactions that pretty much crystalized the political discourse […]

Megyn Kelly answers CAIR’s retraction demand: ‘Well, guess what — you’re not getting it!’

A representative from an Islamic advocacy group and a human rights attorney engaged in an explosive debate on “The Kelly Files” Tuesday over whether the film “Honor […]

Mary Sameh George
Egyptian Islamists drag Christian woman from car, beat, stab her to death

A young Coptic Christian woman on Friday was dragged from her car in a Cairo suburb, then savagely beaten and stabbed to death by a mob while […]

Texas man testing open-carry law told he’s ‘free to go’ – then tasered and arrested

Texas gun rights activists are planning a rally on Sunday to protest the stun-gun arrest of a teenager arrested by San Antonio police for doing nothing more […]

Seal for a day
Six-year-old boy fulfills dream by becoming a Navy SEAL for a day

Usually when a 6-year-old blows something up, there’s cause for alarm. But that’s not the case when he happens to be a Navy SEAL for a day. […]

A look at some of this year’s top April Fool’s pranks

With April Fool’s Day now behind us, there were some great pranks floating around the Internet Tuesday, many with a heavy marketing theme. Leave it to the […]

Viral video of Amish picking up and moving an entire house
Viral video of Amish picking up and moving an entire house

You have to hand it to the Amish. No crane. No machinery. No problem.

Video: Tense moments when two men chase down, take US flag from ‘disrespectful’ protesters

A video confrontation between two apparent servicemen and demonstrators in New Mexico is stirring Internet debate over free speech versus protecting the American flag. According to KRQE […]

Anti-gun mayor totally loses it during TV interview on new gun law

In a complete flip of the expected, Charleston Mayor Danny Jones, a Republican, got into a heated debate with West Virginia Democratic Senate Majority Leader John Unger […]

feminist leader
‘Inclusive’ feminists bully female conservative reporter on video

A reporter working for Campus Reform was initially welcomed at a feminist leadership conference, an event proclaiming “inclusivity” and welcomed “traditional and nontraditional students.” She was bullied […]

Haley's Room
Fed-up soldier dad moves daughter’s entire messy room to driveway

One Georgia man’s answer to his teenage daughter’s refusal to clean her room has neighborhood tongues wagging, and parents thinking, “Hmm, not a bad idea.” A Fort […]