Ted Cruz pranks ‘Fox and Friends’ on camera for April Fools Day

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz had some April Fool’s fun with “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday when he handled a question from host Steve Doocey about posters showing a tattooed Cruz that have been appearing recently around the Los Angeles area.

tedcruz0401tattoo“I gotta tell you it inspired me,” Cruz said.

Cruz rolled up his sleeve to reveal a tattoo of Winston Churchill chomping on a cigar.

“I’m very proud to say — I’m proud to stand with Winston Churchill,” Cruz said. “I gotta tell you, my wife was surprised.

Since Fox had a screen graphic prepared announcing the tattoo, the prank couldn’t have been a surprise to everyone on the production crew, but it was tough to tell whether Doocey’s co-hosts Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Brian Killmead were in on it from the get-go.

But considering the current occupant of the White House gets a lot more comparisons to Neville Chamberlin in Munich than the Lion of Britain in London, it wasn’t a bad choice at all.

Check out the clip here. Would you have been fooled?


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