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Rachael Ray gushes over Joe Biden, weeps at Obamacare in unappetizing display of ‘yuk’

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Whatever you think of Rachael Ray’s cooking, this set was enough to make you throw up.

Photo: Newsbusters

In yet another Obamacare-inspired  intrusion of politics into normal life, Vice President Joe Biden appeared on the chef’s syndicated show on Monday in a final-day plug for Obamacare signups and was treated to a tearful interview that started out fawning and went downhill from there.

“I really want to know what moisturizer you use. I love moisturizers, my husband is a moisturizer as well,” Ray began, after addressing the vice president as “Joe.” “Would you tell me what moisturizer you use?”

Ray eventually got around to the reason for Biden’s appearance — the deadline for signing up for Obamacare – with a weeping tale about her brother’s medical problems. (Her brother was probably thrilled at the national exposure.)

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“This is such an important resource for Americans and I thank you,” Ray said, apparently near sobbing.

“I think people are going to be really, really surprised at how well this has turned out,” Biden said.

“Surprised” isn’t the word.

Granted, it’s a cooking show, and granted it’s a Rachael Ray cooking show – no one’s expecting Edward R. Murrow.

But does it have to be this sickening?

Check out the interview here. You might have liked Rachael Ray once.

And if that display of bootlicking turned you off, Ray’s shilling last week for Obamacare hurt her with other fans, too.

Check out some reaction, via Twitchy, from the Twitter world.


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