‘Jesus is Muslim’ billboards stirring controversy among Christians


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Billboards appearing in several Ohio locations declaring “Jesus is Muslim” are stirring controversy.

Christian groups held a prayer vigil and rally opposing the message near one of the billboards in Columbus Saturday, according to The Christian Post.

“Although we support the Islamic community’s right to free speech, as well as their right to post messages on billboards, we do not support the hijacking of the name of Jesus Christ in their attempt to lure uninformed Christians into their religion,” head of the Christian ministry Pass the Salt, Dave Daubenmire, said in a statement issued through Christian Newswire prior to the rally.

“Jesus isn’t Muslim,” the Rev. Bill Dunfee, pastor of New Beginnings Ministries told The Columbus Dispatch. “To insinuate that he is, is a lie, an absurdity. Our motive is just simply to defend the church and promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The billboards are sponsored by Columbus-based group, “Ask a Muslim,” who are committed to educating people about Islam.

“We believe that clearing up the many misconceptions about Islam will make this world a better place,” the group’s website says. “A place with less violence and hatred, filled with mutual respect and understanding.”

The group’s website makes the case that Muslims are actually Christians, when taken to mean “someone following the teachings of Christ.”

“Muslims are following the teachings of Jesus, while most Christians have began to follow the Church – this is why the Quran needed to be revealed. (Holy Quran 9:31),” the website states, and suggests there is a connection between Jesus and Muhammad in the Bible.

Daubenmire disagrees, saying he finds the billboards’ messages “insensitive, dishonest and deserving of a response from concerned Christians.”

“Jesus Christ was crucified, died, and resurrected over 600 years before the birth of Mohammed,” he said. “Although Islam honors Jesus as a prophet, they do not believe that He is the risen Son of God.”

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


105 thoughts on “‘Jesus is Muslim’ billboards stirring controversy among Christians

  1. Chris Weiss Tranchell says:

    FACT:Jesus is a JEW.. Satan is a LIAR, and his children are just like him. Jesus never let the demons proclaim who HE was, and they spoke the truth- calling Him the “Son of God.” why do we let non-Christian unbelievers determine WHO WE WORSHIP?

  2. BlackJack007 says:

    But rent a billboard that declares that Mohammed and his mulsims are murderous, self-indulgent pedophiles–and just see what happens.
    Stones thrown at Jesus and Christians are tolerated for one reason and one reason only–we don’t issue fatwas.

    1. Aasiyah Sattar says:

      I don’t see any stones thrown at Jesus by saying his muslim, there is no degrading or name calling or any negative defining of who Jesus is on the billboard unless you reading inbetween lines that doesn’t exist..Why should you want to degrade our prophet Mohamed?? That’s just mindless childish behavior because you refuse to understand what that billboard means..Just to inform you that Jesus like Mohamed holds a high regard in Islam so if you think that the billboard was some sort of sarcastic remark i assure you that its not ..Please educate yourself as to what fatwa’s are before you decide to use the term ignorantly

  3. Bill says:

    JESUS muslim…almost right..obviously a misspelling..JESUS IS MESSIAH…there you go, that should help you, certainly you wouldn’t want to offend the King of Kings, Lord of All,, while overstating your position.

  4. Celeste Swaim says:

    Of course Jesus was a Muslim; do you even know the definition of the word? A Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. Would you not say that Jesus fits that definition?
    Any Christian hand wringing over this is pure ignorance. You have just proved the group Ask a Muslim’s point. It is education that is needed. Not the wailing and gnashing of teeth or hyperbolic “prayer vigils”.

  5. Fossil1944 says:

    No author of any writing about Christ was alive during the time of his ministry. Of course that doesn’t mean that the accounts written are false, it simply means that they can’t be verified. Hence the word FAITH, practice yours and leave others to practice theirs. What is so difficult about that?

  6. JKellogg says:

    I agree to an extent, MK. It only serves to help others make straw-man arguments against Christianity.

    But the thing is that hypocrisy is in no way exclusive to religion.

  7. capers2 says:

    Islamic Jihadists execute seven in Syria, two by crucifixion. These “Jihadists” are executing Christians in the same venue. You will not hear anything about it in the MSM; They don’t want anyone to know the horrendous acts of violence and atrocities committed by Muslims against anyone (after all it is the Religion of “Peace”). Here’s a viewer’s account of a smuggled video of a crucifixion …”Islamic-style”:

    “How do you like that religion O’ peace now folks? Do any of you know what muslim crucifixion is? It’s not the same as Biblical crucifixion. I have seen it. They dug a hole in the ground several feet deep and the size where a wooden pole about as big around as a the barrel of a baseball bat would fit snug into it. The pole is about 15 to 20 feet long and about the same size until it gets about 5 feet from the top and then it’s carved down to a point at the top kinda like a spear. In other words it gets sharp towards the top end. Then they stand the pole into the hole to make sure it goes all the way down to the bottom which is about 5 feet deep and stays standing vertical. They want to make sure the pole will support the condemned man’s weight without falling down. Then when they’re ok with it they bring this poor guy out and several of them force him to bend over and get down on his hands and knees and they hold him in that position. It takes several of them to hold him still like that. They rip off his clothes at that point and hold him in place. And then a couple of the other muslim monsters pick up the pole and put the sharpened end of it up to the poor man’s asz and then they press the small sharped point of the pole into his #$%$ and once it’s started into him a little they just ram it hard into his asz. It only goes in about a foot and so they try to ram it further up inside him… several men are holding him in place and he’s screaming for mercy in pain as they keep forcing the pole deeper inside him. Once they have driven the pole a couple of feet up inside him they stop and several of them pick the man and the pole up vertical and place the large end of the pole into the hole in the ground and then they don’t just lower it down, they drop it down hard and at the same time a couple of men are jerking his legs downward so that when the pole hits bottom with a jolt and they’re pulling on his legs the pole gets driven by the victim’s weight and the guys pulling his legs down and the pole goes about 4 feet up inside him up into his chest. so then they let go of him to admire what they’ve done to him and dance around singing allahu akbar while the poor guy just hangs up in the air impaled on that pole. Blood is running out of his asz and down the pole and he’s agonizing and screaming and going into shock at what they’ve done to him… There’s nothing for him to grab onto or even touch as he’s just impaled on the pole and he’s still several feet off the ground in agony. And they let him stand there impaled on that pole for a few minutes and then a couple of the executioners go over to him and grab his arms and yank down on them several times to drive the pole up inside him further. After a few yanks on his arms you see the pointed end of the pole puncture his skin near his collar bone and protrude through his skin near his neck. Then they yank on his arms a bit more and the pole comes about several inches out of his neck… The poor guy is about dead at this point and isn’t screaming or moving much at all….. The executioners continue dancing and singing allahu akbar over and over and then the film I was watching ended. It was very gruesome and horrible to see that being done on purpose to a human being by these muslim animals. So think about that when our government keeps issuing visas to these animals to come here and live among us. And just think…. they just crucified 2 guys within the past few days…. This is terrible. muslims don’t deserve any help from us at all.”

    To even attempt to equate a hair on Jesus’ head with anything to do with Islam, Muslim, Mohammed or anything remotely associated is blasphemy.

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