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Jay Carney: ‘If we were cooking the books,’ we would have done it in October

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White House press secretary Jay Carney denied Republican U.S. Sen. John Barrasso’s assertion Sunday that the Obama administration was “cooking the books” on Obamacare enrollment numbers.

When ABC’s Jonathan Karl attempted to ask about “people who don’t believe the polls,” but Carney interrupted.

“I was just struck by the Republican senator who, confronted with numbers that I’m sure he said would never come to pass, just decided they weren’t real,” Carney said. “If we were cooking the books, don’t you think we would have cooked them in October and November? We could have saved ourselves a lot of pain.”

Republicans would have a tough time suggesting we’d have a “better world” without Obamacare, Carney said, providing a laundry list of items covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Watch Carney’s comments here:

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