Jay Carney: ‘If we were cooking the books,’ we would have done it in October

White House press secretary Jay Carney denied Republican U.S. Sen. John Barrasso’s assertion Sunday that the Obama administration was “cooking the books” on Obamacare enrollment numbers.

When ABC’s Jonathan Karl attempted to ask about “people who don’t believe the polls,” but Carney interrupted.

“I was just struck by the Republican senator who, confronted with numbers that I’m sure he said would never come to pass, just decided they weren’t real,” Carney said. “If we were cooking the books, don’t you think we would have cooked them in October and November? We could have saved ourselves a lot of pain.”

Republicans would have a tough time suggesting we’d have a “better world” without Obamacare, Carney said, providing a laundry list of items covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Watch Carney’s comments here:

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


102 thoughts on “Jay Carney: ‘If we were cooking the books,’ we would have done it in October

  1. Corpseman57 says:

    obama thought bazillions would have signed up by April 1st. His arrogance is over the top.

  2. JoeGoldner says:

    Obamacare has taken a life–http://spectator.org/articles/58588/obamacare-takes-life

  3. Larry Mellette says:

    When you ask what numbers aren’t cooked. Look at inflation. They quit using food and gas prices because of the fluctuations. LOL

  4. Stan H says:

    Just an open question. After 5 years of the ACA, exactly HOW many
    people have been killed by those dastardly Obama “death panels” that
    “Faux News” told everyone to fear?

    1. AdVantageV12 says:

      Yes – no one has been killed “instantly”….
      But the dying slowly comes from reading quotes like “guys who get laid off because of obamacare have more free time now and are better off” crowd…..along with the original “we have to pass it to see what’s in it first”……..
      As someone said – it does take talent to say things like that with a straight face……..

      1. Stan H says:

        Just about as much “talent” as it takes to invent and peddle non-existent “death squads”, to gullible sheeple.

        1. AdVantageV12 says:

          Yeah – Considering the fact the comment Obama once stated to Jane Sturm ……..

          Anytime you have an “Independent Payment Advisory Board” coming – that’s code for Gov’t beurocrats making decisions in your life down the road ….thanks but no thanks…..
          I’ll get the advice from my own doctor and not anyone else …..

          1. Stan H says:

            This is the 5th year of the ACA. WHERE are the “death squads”? While you’re at it, WHERE is the GOP alternative (after the same 5 years)?

          2. AdVantageV12 says:

            Right – any notion / ideas ANYONE else has except the Dems at this point is NOT going to happen….
            Look it up – the Repubs had more than few plans over the years – and THEY shot it down.
            If the Gov’T REALLY cared about people, cost, and healthcare – why didn’t they get involved in the private sector (with an established system that is flawed but STILL OVERALL the best in the world) & work with business / insurance ??
            What are they afraid of ??

          3. Stan H says:

            You’re confusing the Democrats with the fruitcakes in the House. If there was any reasonable legislation proposed, Democrats would jump on it, because we actually want to accomplish things. As opposed to the GOP, who wants complete gridlock, so they can sit back and say “Obama’s ineffective”. (To hell with what that strategy does to the country).

            Tangentially, you’re partially right. The GOP did have one plan to help decrease the number of people without health insurance. It was conceived by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation, and adopted and implemented by Mitt Romney. Strangely enough, once that same plan (with nominal changes) was adopted and implemented by President Obama, it became (according to Republicans) a job-killing bill that would destroy the country (along with numerous othe evils)). LOL. Outside of that, I don’t know of any plan that the GOP has proposed, (much less than passed out of the House) to do what the ACA is doing. Feel free to correct me if you know of one.

          4. AdVantageV12 says:

            For all your rambling – i asked you a simple question – “speaking of fruitcakes”

            If the Gov’T REALLY cared about people, cost, and healthcare – why didn’t they get involved in the private sector (with an established system that is flawed but STILL OVERALL the best in the world) & work with business / insurance ??

            What are they afraid of ??

            And again – Anytime you have an “Independent Payment Advisory Board” – I would be VERY concerned about the Gov’t making decisions that YOU AND YOU ALONE should be making with YOUR DOCTOR.
            This ACA is just forming – you will have to wait more than a few years to see what skeletons come out and impact said people……knowing the Gov’t’s terrible record / history on Transportion & Education Dept’s – i would not pound my chest yet by any means….since those dept’s are a MESS.

          5. Stan H says:

            I guess that I’ll have to break it down for you. Progressives ideally wanted a “single payer” system. Back when Republicans were pretending that they were actually willing to compromise, we chose Romneycare (already implemented and approved by Republicans) as a template. Of course, once we committed to that course, the GOP willingness to negotiate disappeared. Silly of us to believe in Republican compromise.

            You seem to be intelligent. What part of “advisory” do you find difficult to understand? From Forbes, “The IPAB will consist of independent healthcare experts who are forbidden, by law, from proposing changes that will affect Medicare coverage or quality. In other words, they are a FAR cry from a death panel, with the ACA specifically noting that this group is not allowed to do anything that would “ration” healthcare. The law also makes sure that the IPAB is not in a position to make policy, but instead to simply make recommendations to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, proposals that Congress is specifically empowered to override if it sees fit.”


            Is THAT answer specific enough for you?

          6. AdVantageV12 says:

            Was smart to NOT to go to a single payer system ……for many reasons which is factual and historical.

            As far as “with the ACA specifically noting that this group is not allowed to do anything that would “ration” healthcare.

            For YOUR sake – i hope you trust it…..and them !

            Knowing the Govt – i would not hold my breath.

          7. Stan H says:

            “Single-payer” would be simpler, cheaper and easier to administrator. “Death panels” were a fabrication of Sarah Palin’s febrile mind, and have NEVER had any actual existence. As a matter of fact, under the ACA they’re prohibited from doing anything except make recommendations.

          8. AdVantageV12 says:

            Actually – if single payer like Canada is
            what you had in mind – no thanks.

            Admin costs, low rate of positive outcome of patients, and waiting times, etc are not what i would call good.
            Let alone where they rate in quality of
            care in the world etc……then there are very high taxes.
            Like England and Japan, they are in a very similar boat.

            Death type panels may not exist YET – you are hanging your hat that the bureaucracy will not get involved down the road with your “decisions” ……don”t bet on it sparky, the Gov’t wants control of many more things than you give it credit for.
            Don’t believe it ? All in good time.

            And like stated before – this wonderful
            product you tout is just un-folding……and all the TRUE costs to the tax payer, admin costs, and quality / availibility of care is going to unfold over time……to shout praises is more than a little foolish and nieve.

            BUT – good luck to you if it is working in your favor – knowing the Gov’t, you will need much of it.
            I will be glad i don’t have it !!

          9. francoamerian says:

            ACA is working? If you keep telling the same lie over and over enough people will eventually think it is the truth.

          10. Stan H says:

            So, exactly where is it failing?

          11. francoamerian says:

            You can’t make a fool see what he doesn’t want to see. You are a typical Obama Kool-Aid drinker.I am not wasting my time on you.

          12. Stan H says:

            In other words, “I don’t have any facts”.

  5. David Tierney says:

    They weren’t smart enough to think of cooking the books in October and November. Nothing but lies.

  6. Brian Robinson says:

    Well let’s see by my numbers “supposedly” 7 million have signed up for BOcare. However 6.3 million lost their coverage due to this disaster. So only 700,000 people that didn’t have HC now have it out of the estimated 15 million that didn’t have HC before. Hey only 14.3 Million to go before everyone is covered. Plus a lot of the 7 Million are actually enrolled in Medicare/caid. Hell they even put Rand Paul’s son on Medicare/caid when he tried signing up in BOcare and lord knows they don’t need it. This whole law is a joke and if this doesn’t prove that Bocare doesn’t have anything to do with healthcare then I don’t know what does.

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