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Deleted: Let government be your ‘sugar daddy’ Obamacare tweet raises eyebrows

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Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Monday being the final official day in which to get covered under the Affordable Care Act through its glitch-ridden web site certainly qualified as a desperate time.

The Missouri branch of Organizing for Action, a group established to promote President Obama’s social agenda, sent out this tweet, according to Twitchy.

“Not covered? Got a sugar daddy/momma to pay for those medical bills? Just wondering ofa.bo/dQU #BeatTheBuzzer— 
OFA MO (@OFA_MO) March 31, 2014”

Although OFA-Missouri saw the error of their ways and deleted the tweet, it was out there long enough to garner a lot of commentary on Twitter — none of it good.

Amy Lutz, radio host and editor for The College Conservative, retweeted the original for those who missed the original then distilled the OFA-Missouri tweet to its bare essentials:

Twitter user Caleb Herod wondered just how far Uncle Sugar would be willing to take it:

And what was Lutz’s reaction upon seeing the OFA-Missouri tweet? She shared that, along with her assessment of the organization:

So where did Organizing for Action come up with the idea? Perhaps from SeekingArrangement.com, a tasteless dating website that promotes what it calls “The sugar daddy insurance plan.” According to the site:

Most Americans believe the only options for getting healthcare and avoiding “Obama-drama” are through your employer or your parents. Well, they thought wrong! If you’re a young and beautiful woman (or man), SeekingArrangement.com has got you covered.

The average twenty-something woman not covered on her parents’ insurance will likely see an increase to her monthly premium. But with a Sugar Daddy footing the bill, $249/month will seem like no big deal–not to mention the spare cash.

Don’t worry about penalties or added costs due to the Affordable Care Act. The average Sugar Baby on SeekingArrangement.com receives $3000 month from her Sugar Daddy. Don’t get screwed by Obamacare, find a Sugar Daddy today!

Then again, maybe discovery of the site is what led them to pull the tweet. But as Organizing for Action discovered Monday, nothing posted on the Internet can be truly expunged. Like diamonds, the World Wide Web is forever.

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