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Classic abortion speech made by 12-year-old wins over social media

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Lia Mills is a pro-life Canadian teenager who first took up the cause of the unborn five years ago, when she was just 12.

She presently serves as the official spokesperson for Teen Defenders International, according to Messiah Ministries. But it was that first speech she gave to her middle school that holds everyone in awe.

Lia chose the topic for a speech competition at school, according to LifeSiteNews, which reported:

when Lia’s pro-abortion teacher found out the topic of her speech, she told Lia that she could present her speech to her class, but would be automatically disqualified from the speech competition attached to the project. She recommended that Lia choose a different topic.
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Unexpectedly, however, Lia’s teacher was so impressed with the speech that she backtracked and, despite her pro-abortion views, recommended that Lia represent her class in the schoolwide competition.

“My daughter prepared and delivered this speech for her grade 7 class. Even those who didn’t agree with her loved it,” her mother said on Lia’s YouTube page.

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