Dems’ midterm disaster: Bush had more love from Millennials than Obama does now

College-age Americans and other young adults who’ve watched the economy flounder for the past five years have slightly less faith in President Obama than the same age […]

Michelle Obama’s one-night stay in Chinese hotel costs US taxpayers $220,000

American taxpayers forked out almost a quarter of a million dollars for Michelle Obama’s one-night stay in a luxury hotel during her recent trip to China. According […]

Owner finds dog alive months after vet lied about euthanizing him; the reason will shock you!

A family’s shocking discovery led authorities to raid a well-respected veterinary clinic in Texaslast Tuesday. Camp Bowie Animal Clinic was investigated immediately when a couple alleged their […]

Dale Hederick, Palm Beach Chamber
Dale Hedrick appointed Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce President

The Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce has appointed a new president. The announcement was made in a press release Wednesday: Dale R. Hedrick, President and Founder of […]

‘Abuse of office’: Obama’s golf costs taxpayers $3 million on just two trips

President Obama’s golf hobby cost taxpayers almost $3 million for just two trips this year – and that’s only counting the costs of Air Force One. According […]

Gohmert prods Obama to keep ‘I won’t rest’ promises : ‘I know it’s a lot of work to play that much golf’

During an appearance Sunday on Fox News, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said President Obama‘s repeated promise that ‘I won’t rest’ is not getting the job done. Gohmert […]

Tim Allen
Tim Allen opens can of worms: ‘Who decides when one has made enough money?’

Not long after he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to pe fun at California, calling it a “socialist” state, funnyman Tim Allen began probing for answers to […]

Random act of kindness in an elevator becomes viral sensation

A Tampa, Fla., man got stuck in an elevator with an elderly woman who had difficulty standing, and what he did next will amaze you. According to […]

GOP lawmaker wants to cut heavily armed units in agencies like BLM, IRS

A Utah Republican and member of the House Appropriations Committee wants to cut funding for “paramilitary units” like the heavily armed squads that descended on Nevada during […]

robert blank
Ouch! Student attempts back-flip during graduation

Watch the latest video at Channeling his inner-Carl Edwards, aDavenport Universitystudent decided to celebrate after receiving his degree by performing a back-flip on stage — a […]

‘Dirty Jobs’ episode on Congress: Mike Rowe dishes and they’re not going to like it

Actor Mike Rowe appeared Tuesday on Capitol Hill, and had a pretty grim response when asked by an elected official if there may ever bea “Dirty Jobs” […]

Video: Purse-snatchers, mess with mom and you get a Texan with a gun

The good guy had a gun. The store had a surveillance camera. And both were pointed in the right direction this week when a pair of would-be […]

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