House of Reps 1
House plans vote to delay Obamacare individual mandate penalty

The U.S. House of Representatives will try to level the Obamacare playing field next week by considering a proposal to eliminate the individual mandate penalty for 2014. […]

Watch what Bill Maher said that made disgusted Bill Kristol shout, ‘that’s total bulls**t!’

The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol stepped out of his normally staid and proper character to call out HBO’s Bill Maher by calling a remark the“Real Time” […]

Alex Amidon
Collegiate football star nixes NFL to become Navy SEAL

A college football standout announced earlier this week that he would skip the NFL and sign up for the U.S. Navy — with hopes of becoming a […]

Sarah-Palin-on-Facebook-Ukraine 1
Sarah Palin jabs with ‘told-ya-so’ on Russian invasion of Ukraine

Critics have enjoyed mocking former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s foreign policy assertions when she ran as the GOP vice presidential nominee, but it appears she was right […]

Obama vacation Marthas Vineyard
Obamas set new record for vacation travel expenses; stonewalled documents finally released

It took filing a lawsuit, but Judicial Watch discovered Friday that President Obama has set a new record for travel on the taxpayer dime. The conservative watchdog […]

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