Awesome animated crack at anti-gun, arms-dealing Democrat bust – because media doesn’t care

The case of an anti-gun California state senator dedicated to disarming Americans while running an international arms ring has gotten shamefully shortchanged by the national news media, […]

BizPac Review
Open letter roasts spoiled actress Gwyneth Paltrow over ‘office job’ comments

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s belly-aching about how tough it is to be a mom and an actress brought an avalanche of sarcastic responses, but perhaps the best came […]

Liberal law professor sides with conservatives on Hobby Lobby, #FreeJustina

Famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz claims to be a die-hard liberal, but he sounded more like he was playing on the other side’s team during […]

A girl! Poor kid has a meltdown at thought of another sister

Here’s a little boy with two younger sisters who have a mom who’s about to give birth to a fourth child. Will it be a boy or […]

Top five least-liked newscasters found on MSNBC, CNN, CBS

The man who said, “Barack Obama’s oratory sends a thrill up my leg” is the least liked newscaster on TV, according to a poll of 1,800 viewers commissioned by TheWrap. […]

Liberal Juan Williams strikes back against libs attacking his conservative son

Fox News contributor Juan Williams and his son Raffi had a chance Saturday to hit back at the race hustlers who dominate American liberal politics. And they […]

Ford ad
‘Upside of giving a damn’: Ford targets progressives, mocks capitalist Cadillac ad

In marketing the C MAX hybrid, Ford released an ad that clearly borrows from one  aired recently for Cadillac’s ELR hybrid coupe – but aims its message […]

Couple says they received voter registration card pre-marked ‘Democrat’ from Obamacare site

Covered California, the state’s Obamacare insurance exchange website, is apparently shilling for the Democratic Party. At least one couple received a voter registration card with party affiliation […]

Ocare Wis
Maryland to abandon $125 million Obamacare website

Bedeviled by problems that have cost taxpayers a whopping $125 million, the Maryland online health-insurance exchange is about to be scrapped, and expenditures will not be recouped. […]

Obama kisses Justin Bieber to promote healthcare in SNL’s brutal Obama-bashing open

This week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ cold open boldly mocked President Obama and the ridiculous final push of his unpopular disaster, Obamacare. What makes it so funny is that it […]

Probe launched over firefighter handcuffed during 911 call

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office launched an investigation this week after a fire-rescue worker was handcuffed and detained while reviving a victim lying on the floor […]

Dana Loesch on Hobby Lobby: ‘Predictably stupid’ progressives asking to be crushed

Dana Loesch made it so simple, even a liberal could follow it. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, the two companies engaged in the latest round of […]