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Kid’s wise answer to Common Core math problem has grown-ups cheering

Common Core math problem
Photo credit: The Daily Caller

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Kids and parents are fed up with the ridiculous questions asked on Common Core curriculum worksheets, as evidenced by the answer this second-grader gave on his math assignment.

A parent sent a photo of the question to The Daily Caller, which read:

Mike saw 17 blue cars and 25 green cars at the toy store. How many cars did he see? Write a number sentence with a [ ] for the missing number. Explain how the number sentence shows the problem.

The question would even elicit a cold sweat from some math-fearing adults, but this student gave a no-nonsense answer:

17+25= [42] I got the answer by talking in my brain and I agree of the answer that my brain got.

While 45 states and the District of Columbia adopted the Common Core curriculum standards, last week Indiana became the first state to opt-out of the initiative. With parents’ frustration with the program expected to spill over into the 2014 midterm elections, more are expected to follow, according to Fox News.

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