Harry Reid’s whiny fundraising email: ‘Sarah Palin berated me’

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., sent an email Sunday asking for campaign contributions from supporters because former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin berated him.

Reid is under fire over questionable campaign activity, with the Federal Election Commission looking into at least $31,000 in campaign funds that went to his granddaughter to buy jewelry, but is still eager boost the coffers.

“Sarah Palin berated me for calling out the Koch Brothers in their attempt to buy control of the U.S. Senate,” he wrote in the end-of-quarter fundraising deadline e-mail.

Reid was referring to a tweet Palin sent after Reid’s Senate floor attack three weeks ago:

Reid’s email was shared on Twitter:

Response was swift:  

Vice President Joe Biden also sent a fundraising email that day on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, warning that Congress could be lost to candidates like Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

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