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Ex-golden boy Nate Silver finds out what happens when liberals turn on their own

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Bucking Dem groupthink can be dangerous.

Photo: FedupUSA.org

That’s the lesson poll analyst and former lib wunderkind Nate Silver is learning now that he’s left the protective cocoon of The New York Times to launch an independent website that’s already gored two sacred cows of the Obama Era: the political climate of the American electorate and the political poison of “climate change.”

In “Nate Silver, trashed over climate change, apologizes on his website,” Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz on Monday outlined the recent attack on Silver by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Silver dared to publish  his estimate that Senate Dems at the moment have a good chance of losing their majority this fall – which would mean Reid has a better-than-average chance of getting shoved into a minority role come January.

The way Reid, the former boxer from Nevada, came out swinging, you’d have thought Silver’s changed his last name to Koch.

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“All polls are about like Nate Silver’s predictions: good sometimes, bad most of the time,” Reid said.

But that’s just politics – and it’s just Harry Reid.

When Silver’s website hit the libs’ PC religion of “climate change,” the storm really hit. A fairly common-sense March 19 piece that said weather disasters these days are more costly mainly because they’re hitting more expensive real estate, not because the climate’s getting worse – had the libs up in arms.

By Friday, Silver had backed down.

“Reception to the article ran about 80 percent negative in the comments section and on social media,” he wrote. “A reaction like that compels us to think carefully about the piece and our editorial process.”

And when any publication, a website, a newspaper or a church bulletin pledges to “think carefully about our editorial process” it means it’s thinking carefully about how it’s going to avoid making so many people so mad again. And judging the value of a piece by the numerical reaction — “80 percent negative in the comments section” — isn’t editing. It’s mob rule.

And nothing makes lib mobs madder than independent thought.


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