Maryland to abandon $125 million Obamacare website

Bedeviled by problems that have cost taxpayers a whopping $125 million, the Maryland online health-insurance exchange is about to be scrapped, and expenditures will not be recouped. Instead, it’ll only cost more to fix.

Anonymous sources have told the Washington Post that Connecticut’s technology will replace the fired Noridian Healthcare Solutions’ technology with its own – costing Marylander taxpayers millions more to mesh the data bases together.

Obamacare enthusiast and possible 2016 presidential contender, Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley  named his lieutenant governor, Anthony Brown, as point man for the project. But, despite glitches and malfunctions that began at the program’s debut, the man now seeking his boss’ job has refused to accept responsibility or apologize for the six-month debacle, according to RedState .

O’Malley told reporters at a Friday press conference that a formal announcement would be made late on Tuesday, the Post reported.

We still have stuck applications. We still wrestle with it every day,” he said. “The clock was ticking, and we have been changing the flat tire on this rolling car for the last five, going on six months now. And it has gotten better with every new fix applied to it [but it is] still not working as it is supposed to work.

The state has barely enrolled one third of its target, and its incessant missteps have prompted its only Republican member of Congress, U.S. Rep. Andy Harris, to request an investigation by the Health and Human Services’ inspector general.

MD Health Exchange staffers say applicants will still be able to use the site during the overhaul, but don’t expect the area’s two major liberal newspapers, the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, to hold anyone’s feet to the fire.


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