Man up, guys: Men’s group cries about city’s women-only self-defense classes

The manly men at the National Coalition for Men know just what to do to get their way to end gender stereotypes in California.

Throw a hissy fit, whine that their rights are being violated, and demand action in the name of “equality.”


In other words, act like a bunch of … Democrats.

The city of Glendale, Calif., southeast of Los Angeles has been organizing self-defense courses for women and girls for years during the month of April as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. (You didn’t know that was April?)

This year, though, some gossip brought the classes to the attention of the National Coalition for Men, a San Diego-based non-profit group that claims to be active in serious issues like custodial rights for fathers, railroaded rape prosecutions, and the problems of male victims of domestic violence.

Even with all that going on, the coalition still finds time to complain about self-defense courses taught for women and girls on city property in sunny Southern California.

In a letter to the Glendale city attorney, the coalition is demanding that the classes reserved for distaff Glendale residents be opened to include men and boys as well.

“Despite your planned no-men-or-boys-allowed self-defense classes, NCFM thinks the progressive City of Glendale, its Commission on the Status of Women, and Shield Self Defense also want men and women to be treated equally,” the coalition wrote.

“Just because you have a penis doesn’t mean you come out of the womb with a black belt in karate,” the coalition’s president, Harry Crouch, explained to the Glendale News-Press.

That is no doubt true. It apparently also doesn’t mean you come out with a sense of proportion, an understanding of reality or an appreciation for the fundamental differences between the sexes that feminist libs have spent decades of futility trying to erase.

There are some issues where men have a legitimate gripe in the world we live in – child custody, for instance, or the sometimes-illusory presumption of innocence in sexual assault complaints, particularly on college campuses– but an apparently well-intentioned effort to help women and girls protect themselves against predators isn’t one of them.

So man up, guys.

If you’re that worried about self-defense, quit with the liberal bitching and get yourselves a gun. And get the women one, too.

Even if you are in California.


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