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Judge Jeanine: Obama sitting around moving teacups, while Putin moves tanks

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Fox News host Jeanine Pirro let President Obama have it on Saturday saying he continues to fumble on the world stage, reducing the United States’ position as a super power.

Pirro took exception to Obama’s handling of a number of issues over the past few years, including Iran’s nuclear capabilities, the Syrian conflict and most notably, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine.

“And you say Russia is a ‘regional power’?” she said. “With all due respect, Mr. President, Putin is a pig. But he’s been bitch-slapping you since the Edward Snowden mess!”

The United States is now perceived as weak, Pirro said, emboldening our enemies.

Ronald Reagan was a strong president,” she said. “He trusted but verified. He ended the cold war. You come in and take down the missile defense system in Eastern Europe with nothing in return. Why are you doing this? Do you even know who our enemies are? Do you know that your obligation is to protect us and protect our economy?”

Pirro contrasted Obama’s actions with Putin’s.

“You draw lines, Mr. President, Putin crosses them,” she said. “You play make-believe war games, he sends in the troops. You sit around moving tea cups, he moves the armored tanks. And you want to poke a tiger, this tiger, in the eye?”

“The perception of power, Mr. President, is as strong as power itself.”

Watch Pirro’s “Opening Statement” here:

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