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Couple says they received voter registration card pre-marked ‘Democrat’ from Obamacare site

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Covered California, the state’s Obamacare insurance exchange website, is apparently shilling for the Democratic Party. At least one couple received a voter registration card with party affiliation already filled in. Surprise! You’re a Democrat!

The couple, who didn’t wish to be named, received the voting material along with the card declaring them to be Democrats, in the mail, according to local ABC affiliate 10News.com, which reported:

They have lived in La Mesa for years and they have always been registered to vote Republican. Now, they are perplexed as to how the voter registration card pre-marked Democrat ended up in their mailbox.

“I’m an old guy and I never would have noticed it, except I have an accountant that notices every dot and dash on a piece of paper as a wife,” said the man who received the mailer. “It’s a waste of money because there’s an awful lot of people who are going to get this that are already registered and they don’t need to. I can see that, but I can’t see putting x on the form before it’s given to me in a little bitty box that nobody’s really going to notice.”

Covered California pointed its finger at the secretary of state’s office.

“We are mailing voter registration material,” spokeswoman Anne Gonzales told 10News. “However, the application forms come directly from the Secretary of State’s office, with no fields pre-marked. The individual should contact the Secretary of State, which takes these violations of election law extremely seriously, and they will investigate, using the unique serial number.”

The couple was unsuccessful getting ahold of anyone with answers at the secretary of state’s office, so they turned to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters. It told them to contact Covered California.

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