Former Dem. US Senator pegs Obama as self-delusional liar who ‘sucked less than Romney’


The latest sign that the bloom is off the rose for President Obama can be seen in the scathing criticism he received this week from a fellow Democrat.

Former U.S. Sen. Bob Kerrey, a two-term Democrat from Nebraska, said Obama was reelected in 2012 because he “sucked less” than his GOP opponent Mitt Romney.

In an exclusive interview with the British tabloid Mail Online published Friday, Kerrey said:

After the 2012 election, what the president needed was somebody to say, ‘Mr. President, I’m thrilled you won. You stand for all the things I support. But honestly, you won this election because you sucked less than Romney.’

Kerrey also said Obama “had to know he was misleading the audience” when he promised, under Obamacare, that Americans could keep their healthcare plans if they like them.

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But he said the promise of “high-quality, affordable health care” was an even bigger lie.

‘It’s absolutely impossible,’ Kerrey said as he explained that all doctors are not good. “And affordable? Forget about it.”

Comparing Obama to former President Bill Clinton, who he once called “an unusually good liar,” Kerrey said Obama is a victim of “self-delusion.”

“That self-delusion moment comes in a single declaratory sentence, which is, ‘If they just get to know me, they’ll vote for me,'” he told the tabloid this week. “It’s just self-delusion. Some of us are good at it, and some of us are bad.”

Kerrey said it was not a good move for Obama to pursue healthcare when the economy was still struggling, and that his 2012 reelection “was not a mandate to conduct class warfare,” as described by The Mail.

He even suggested that entitlement programs are leading us to insolvency.

“We’re robbing from the future to pay for the past,’ he said. “We just are.”

Are you sure this guy is a Democrat?

Tom Tillison


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