Dana Loesch on Hobby Lobby: ‘Predictably stupid’ progressives asking to be crushed

Dana Loesch made it so simple, even a liberal could follow it.

danaloesch0329Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, the two companies engaged in the latest round of Obamacare litigation in the Supreme Court, are fighting a battle that matters to every American, she said – no matter what they believe.

“The government has no business forcing the behavior of individuals who decide to incorporate – period,” Loesch said Friday on The Blaze TV.

In court, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood are arguing against the power of the federal government to force their religious owners to provide birth control insurance that includes methods the companies’ owner consider abortions, forbidden by their beliefs.

In her six-minute on-air analysis, Loesch argued that the actual facts if the case are less important than its impact.

What is important, she said, is that Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood are actually fighting for the rights of all Americans – pro-life, pro-choice, Christian, atheist or any point on the spectrum – to live their lives in freedom. And what the federal government is trying to usurp, Loesch said, is the power to force Americans to live contrary to their beliefs.

The left might be ascendant in the current administration, she said, but liberals need to understand that the shortsighted surrender of the inherent freedoms guaranteed under the American Constitution is not something that can be undone.

“Progressives are being predictably stupid here,” Loesch said.

“Today, it’s whether people can be Christians to run a business,” Loesch said. “Tomorrow, it could be whether a business owner can be gay or not. Or, whether a business owner can be an atheist. Or a woman.

“When progressives meet a divergent opinion, they want the boot of government to stamp it out,” Loesch said. “This is dangerous.”

Simply put: The boot progressives crave to stamp on their opponents’ necks could next be on their own.

Check out Loesch’s defense of liberty here. Then contrast it with the incoherence of the liberals in the video below.

And here are the people she’s talking to …

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


10 thoughts on “Dana Loesch on Hobby Lobby: ‘Predictably stupid’ progressives asking to be crushed

  1. SusieQ says:

    The progressives are government. If your convictions do not meet their criteria then you are wrong plain and simple. Govt. from the cradle to the grave, It does not matter what you believe in, it’s their way or the highway.

  2. Law Picks says:

    Hobby Lobby needs to cut the crap. If they are religios and dont approve of abortions, that is totally fine but you shouldnt infringe on the rights of your employees and deny them a coverage that they want because its against YOUR beliefs. Noone is forcing anyone to get an abortion, its just giving the, an option. What the hell is so horrible about that???

    1. yitzyy says:

      They aren’t infringing on anyone’s right. They are potentially having THEIR rights trampled, by being forced to do what they believe is religiously forbidden. The employees are free to get abortion, or any BC they want. Hobby Lobby shouldn’t be forced to pay for it.
      That this is even a discussion in a “free country” is pathetic. No one owes anyone a sponsored abortion or birth control.

      1. Law Picks says:

        Well noone is making THEM get abortions, they just need to have their plan cover it for their employees. Think about it where does it end?? What if you work for Muslim company who believes youre infriging on THEIR rights to have women walk around with their heads uncovered?? Lastly this isnt SPONSORED by anyone. Employees still have to PAY for their own insurance. People should be given a choice, that choice shouldnt be made by your employers.

        1. yitzyy says:

          As an aside, they Do cover many forms of BC, not that it makes much of a difference.
          A Muslim should absolutely be allowed to mandate a dress code in their place of business. Don’t like it? Go elsewhere.
          If the company isn’t paying into the policy, then let the employees get their insurance somewhere else. Why go through employer at all?

          1. Law Picks says:

            Youre missing the entire point of freedom of religion. Its so other people religious beliefs can not be pushed onto you. That is why we live in a country where women cant be mandate to where headgear because of the bosses religious view. Its kind of pathetic that you would give up your basic right as an American just to go against this bill. Sad actually.
            It is the responsibility of the employer to pay a portion of the insurance but the employee pays the other portion so it is not sponsored. Muslims also dont believe in blood transfusions should they also not cover that for their employees if they dont want to??? Have fun dying!!!

          2. yitzyy says:

            On the street, no one can tell women what to wear, but in the workplace, a religious boss, running a private enterprise, can mandate a dress code. No one is forcing you to work or shop there.
            Sidebar: The point of freedom of religion was originally to protect people rights to observe their religion.
            People are not forced to work at Hobby Lobby, OR to use employer healthcare. HL should not have to pay into something that violates their religion.

            As far as blood transfusions, the case can be made that there is overwhelming public interest which can override religious freedom. But I don’t even know that that’s necessarily obvious. Again, people can go elsewhere for insurance.

          3. Law Picks says:

            You are totally wrong in thinking the point the founding fathers fled to seek religious freedom. They were being persecuted and sometime even executed because they did not wish to adhere to the church of Europe’s religion. So they wanted to found their own state with religious freedom(Free from religion) meaning noone can forcibly push their beliefs onto you. Now, a boss in a private enterprise can set any dress code they want to up to a certain point but not due to religious beliefs. THAT IS A LAW. This is why laws like this exist so we are not a church run state and our businesses cant be church run either due to discrimination laws. Not all people can just “go somewhere else” as you put it. Not everyone has those kind of options.
            As for this “overwhelming public intrest”, does that mean that you can choose which laws you want to follow based upon who likes them and how doesnt?? Or is it just because its Islam that doesnt like the transfusions then it doesnt really matter. What makes this country different, no better than others is equality. What applies to one applies to all. If Hobby Lobby can choose this option and it be legal, then Athiest run companies can deny you religious holidays off or holiday pay. Jewish run companies can discipline you for eating nonkosher meat. Hindu run companies could release you for eating beef.

  3. seazen says:

    Hobby Lobby is not a person and has, therefore, no race, religion, or creed. If its owners have a set of personal beliefs about something that is their business and if they want to shout that belief that is also fine. At the same time, the corporation is not immune from non-discrimination laws.
    I wonder what they think about the guy who wanted to ban guns in his bar and was overwhelmed with hate mail and threats. I guess its OK to deny health coverage to employees based on some personal religious tenet but it is not OK to try to keep loaded weapons out of your bar because you are concerned about the safety of your patrons. Bizarre.

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