Probe launched over firefighter handcuffed during 911 call

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office launched an investigation this week after a fire-rescue worker was handcuffed and detained while reviving a victim lying on the floor […]

Dana Loesch on Hobby Lobby: ‘Predictably stupid’ progressives asking to be crushed

Dana Loesch made it so simple, even a liberal could follow it. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, the two companies engaged in the latest round of […]

Sixth-grader’s research shows government how to save $400m on printing

The federal government has rejected a suggestion based on a high school freshman’s research that could have saved taxpayers up to $394 million in annual printing costs. […]

Conservatives, bloggers mourn death of one of their own

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center, announced the heartbreaking news Saturday morning that Noel Sheppard has passed away. Sheppard was the associate editor of NewsBusters.com, […]

Ronald 2
Taco Bell uses Ronald McDonald to promote new breakfast menu, McDonald’s responds

This isn’t exactly breaking news but an interesting advertising strategy. Taco Bell released a new ad this week featuring men from across the country named Ronald McDonald […]

National Geographic Channel historians digging up World War II graves branded a ‘disgrace’

This National Geographic project is enough to wake the dead. The cable channel best known for science documentaries and other brainy fare is promoting “Nazi War Diggers,” […]

Hampden pledge
Town council members stir up debate, refuse to stand, recite Pledge of Allegiance

A YouTube video depicting a Maine town council meeting serving an area having fewer than 8,000 residents is stirring a local hornets’ nest and generating debate coast […]

Former Dem. US Senator pegs Obama as self-delusional liar who ‘sucked less than Romney’

The latest sign that the bloom is off the rose for President Obama can be seen in the scathing criticism he received this week from a fellow Democrat. […]

backlash Ebony
RNC chief gets Ebony magazine to apologize over racist insult; libs rage

A leading black magazine was compelled to issue an apology after a senior editor insulted the Republican National Committee’s deputy press secretary with racist remarks. The editor, Jamilah Lemieux, […]

Trey Gowdy mocks Harry Reid’s denial: ‘I didn’t think Mormons used drugs’

U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., slammed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid during a radio interview Friday in which he said of the Nevada Democrat, “I didn’t think […]

baseball bleachers
In the name of equality, feds force school to tear down brand new bleachers

In the gilded age of President Barack Obama, equality reigns supreme. Parents at Plymouth High School in Canton, Mich., pulled together to have new bleachers and a […]

‘Racist’ Michelle Obama quote fools panel; Bill Maher pretends Paul Ryan said it

“Real Time” host Bill Maher caused some real confusion with his knee-jerk liberal guests Friday night when he offered them a “racist” quote from Paul Ryan that […]