O’Reilly, Stossel deride cost of Obama’s vacations: ‘This is the royal presidency’

John Stossel and Bill O’Reilly took the Obamas to task Thursday over “astronomical” costs associated with trips outlined in a Judicial Watch report released earlier this month.

The Obamas’ trips to, from and around Hawaii and Africa cost taxpayers nearly $16 million in flight costs alone, according to Judicial Watch, Fox News reported.

“I hope they had overhead baggage,” O’Reilly said.

Obama’s expenses have been comparable to his predecessors George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Stossel noted, adding that Judicial Watch’s figures didn’t account for the additional costs of lodging, Secret Service detail and other security measures affiliated with the president’s vacations.

Then there was the ski trip in Aspen for Michelle Obama and her daughters, O’Reilly said.

“Sixty-five thousand dollars for a hotel,” he said. “You can buy a condo, maybe not in Aspen, but go out to the ‘burbs and you’ll get a condo.”

Stossel noted the hypocrisy in the way the administration spends taxpayer dollars.

“This is the royal presidency,” Stossel said. “What upsets me more is when they were stopping White House tours because they said sequester was so awful, Sasha and Malia did spring break on Paradise Island in the Bahamas with Secret Service.”

Watch the segment here via Fox News:


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