Critics say ‘Noah’ turns God into an eco-terrorist

The motion picture “Noah,” scheduled for release Friday, is creating a lot of buzz for turning the Biblical story into a political statement — one favoring population […]

Obama in Hawaii
O’Reilly, Stossel deride cost of Obama’s vacations: ‘This is the royal presidency’

John Stossel and Bill O’Reilly to the Obamas to task Thursday over “astronomical” costs associated with trips outd in a Judicial Watch report released earlier this month. […]

Religious freedom group puts billboard in the middle of military’s ‘So help me God’ controversy

U.S. Air Force Academy debate over the Honor Oath’s use of “So help me God” got kicked up a notch when a religious group unveiled a billboard […]

Vote in NYC
Dem NYC councilwoman’s ‘trusted’ campaign staff indicted on counts of fraud, forgery

Three campaign workers for Democrat New York City Councilwoman Maria Carmen Arroyo were arrested Tuesday and charged with falsifying business records, forgery and offering a false […]

Kobe Bryant blasted by media over racial Trayvon Martin case comment

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant offered his perspective on the reaction by many toward the Trayvon Martin case in a recent interview with New Yorker, and […]

Michelle Malkin predicts plan behind Dems’ ‘Corruption Crackdown Kabuki Theater’

In the aftermath of a string of FBI crackdowns on corrupt Democratic politicians, conservative columnist Michelle Malkin is the lone voice asking, “Why now, and why all […]

gun point
Liberal talk radio host challenges NRA board member: ‘I will shoot you’

A Georgia radio talk show host told his listeners Tuesday that he would like nothing better than to shoot a National Rifle Association board member. He didn’t […]

Condi Rice takes a swipe at Obama: ‘Leaders can’t afford to be weary’

PresidentObama’s reluctance to fully engage in foreign affairs has led to a significant weakening of America’s position onthe world stage, Condoleezza Rice told a packed audience at […]

Detroit residents armed and deadly: ‘We will protect ourselves’

As Detroit continues to reel from the dismal results of progressive policies run am, citizens in the bankrupt city are being forced to arm themselves to protect […]

Stephen Colbert’s racial joke sparks firestorm of criticism, calls to cancel his show

In a show of support for the ongoing politically correct attack on the Washington Redskins team name, comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert went where most […]

Will Brooke campaign ad
Alabama hopeful has a little fun with firearms in unusual campaign ad

A Republican congressional candidate in Alabama released a campaign ad on Wednesday that showed him shooting the 2,000-plus-page Affordable Care Act full of holes – literally, with […]

Obamacare navigators seek enrollees at Mexican consulates, regardless of citizenship

In an apparent attempt to beef up enrollment numbers, Obamacare navigators are now peddling their overpriced, inadequate health insurance on what is technically foreign soil — in […]