Building Fire
Incredible footage of rescue from burning building makes you gasp out loud!

A heart-stopping video captured the daring rescue of a construction worker from a massive fire that engulfed a $50 million luxury apartment building under construction in Houston, […]

Cantor Boehner
Unholy alliance: Top Republicans to team up with radical Dems to crush anti-establishment GOP candidates

Leading Republicans will raise money and strategize on defeating tea party and other conservative Republican challengers in a conclave at Amelia Island, Fla., on April’s first weekend, […]

CNN producers arrested trying to broach new World Trade Center

Following the thrill-seeking path of a 16-year-old and four parachutists, two CNN producers tried to break into the new World Trade Center and failed miserably. Producers Connor Fieldman Boals […]

media fail
Media Research Center Study: Network TV not covering Obamacare woes

The three network evening news broadcasts are minimizing negative Obamacare news, according to a new Media Research Center study. A new study from the Media Research Center finds […]

vets screen shot
Vets to Obama: ‘American weakness is dangerous’

A group of veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars has started a White House petition to send the message that “American weakness is dangerous.” In a […]

‘Jealousy and discontent have festered’ in Michelle’s Obama’s ‘Worst Wing’

In the White House East Wing, the devil wears pencil skirts. That’s the takeaway from a long essay in The New Republic this week that tries to […]

NY Times reporter’s stunning truth: Obama administration ‘the greatest enemy of press freedom’

The Obama administration’s mean streak is getting so wide, even New York Times reporters are noticing it. At a  journalism discussion panel last week, New York Times […]

Agents guarding Obama sent home, disciplined; one allegedly passed out drunk in hotel hallway

Three elite agents charged with guarding President Obama during his current European and the Middle East trip were returned home from Amsterdam “for disciplinary reasons,” a Secret […]

The coolest way to knock down a big bridge
The coolest way to knock down a big bridge

I love a good demolition video. Scary viral video causing sleepless nights H/T: LIveLeak

Iowa Dem running for Senate disses Republican as ‘a farmer from Iowa’

A Democrat running for Senate in Iowa must not think much of Iowa. U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, a Dem who’s represented Iowa’s First District in Congress since […]

Missouri mom
School had mom arrested for bypassing protocol to help special-needs son in class

A Missouri mom who went to school to console her special-needs son found herself in handcuffs after entering the boy’s classroom. Niakea Williams received a phone call Thursday […]

Obama Netherlands
Really awkward! Obama speaks to crowd and only one person claps

Barack Obama may be singing the same tune as the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield — he gets no respect. At the close of a joint news conference […]