Rick Scott’s re-election campaign releases new TV ad blasting Crist

A new campaign TV ad for the re-election of Florida Gov. Rick Scott was released Monday by “Let’s Get to Work,” is directed squarely at Scott’s likely Democratic opponent, former governor Charlie Crist.

The ad takes advantage of the unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act and uses Crist’s own words during a March 9 interview on CNN’s “State of the Union.” When host Candy Crowley asked his opinion of the legislation after noting the tens of thousands of cancelled policies in Florida, Crist enthusiastically replied, “I think it’s been great.”

The ad replays that part of the interview and concludes “Obamacare seems to only be ‘great’ for Charlie Crist and his political career.”

Watch the ad via Let’s Get to Work, then check out “ Obama most ‘well-traveled, expensive president’ in history, numbers reveal.”


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