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MSNBC host: ‘Literally, you’re more likely to be beamed up into a UFO’ than find voter fraud

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Joy Reid believes in UFOs.

Trying to deliver a hard-hitting voter-fraud question Monday to Katon Dawson, chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, the MSNBC host stumbled over her own ignorance instead.

joyreid0325new“There have been a lot of studies on this,” Reid began. “There are a lot of studies that show, literally, you’re more likely to be beamed up into a UFO or struck by lightning than find in-person voter fraud.”

“Why is it your party seems fixated on trying to go after early voting? Trying to go after, you know, forcing people to bring a birth certificate — all things that just happen to impact minorities and people who tend to vote for the Democratic Party?”

(Dawton was charitable enough not to point out that Reid either really believes extraterrestrials are real or she suffers from the Joe Biden idiot syndrome of not understanding what the word “literally” means. )

Instead, he answered the question with the kind of common sense libs haven’t been able to counter throughout the debate.

“I had to show a voter ID to get into the studio today, to buy whiskey last week. To do a lot of things that are simple,” he said. “I think it becomes disingenuous for the argument and the integrity of the process, for someone to be ‘obstructed’ by having to acquire a ID for something to prove where they live.”

And it’s not just presidential elections, Dawton said. Local races that draw low turnout could hinge on relatively few votes.

“You need to know where they live and who they are,” he said.

It helps if they’re at least from this planet, Joy.

Check out the segment here.


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