Judicial Watch plans to sue states with dirty voter rolls; Obama’s DOJ plays dead


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Judicial Watch put two states and the nation’s capital on notice that it will file a federal lawsuit if they don’t clean up their voter registration rolls within 90 days.

Iowa, Colorado and the District of Columbia have one thing in common — they have more registered voters than people eligible to vote.

In a Monday press briefing, Judicial Watch officials said they sent letters to the secretaries of state in Iowa and Colorado and the Board of Elections supervisors in the District of Columbia, saying:

We write to bring your attention to violations of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act (“NVRA”) … This letter serves as statutory notice that Judicial Watch will bring a lawsuit against your office if you do not take specific actions to correct these violations of Section 8 within 90 days. In addition, by this letter we are asking you to produce certain records to us which you are required to make available under Section 8(i) of the NVRA. We hope that litigation will not be necessary to enforce either of these claims.

Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as the “motor voter law,” requires states to make voter registration available at motor vehicle offices or similar facilities.

Section 8 of the act requires each jurisdiction to establish a system to routinely purge rolls of ineligible voters — those who have died, moved away or lost their eligibility through a felony conviction or other means.

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Judicial Watch’s senior attorney, Robert D. Popper, who served as deputy chief of the voting section at the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said that during his tenure, the George W.??? Bush administration in its final three years filed five lawsuits over improper maintenance of voter rolls.

By comparison, Popper told reporters Monday, “there’s been not a single lawsuit” from the Obama administration.

“There has been to my knowledge a demonstrated lack of interest in the Justice Department in pursuing these lawsuits,” he said. “In fact, the one claim that had anything to do with this list maintenance coming out of this Justice Department concerned the lawsuit that it commenced and then lost, in which it tried to force the state of Florida to stop removing non-citizens who are on the voter rolls in the run-up to the 2012 elections. Other than that, the Obama administration has no interest in pursuing Section 8 lawsuits.”

In 24 Iowa counties, more people were registered to vote than were eligible in 2012. In 2010, there were 10 such counties. In Colorado during the same two-year period, the number of counties with uneven rolls rose from 10 to 22.

“Dirty voter rolls can mean dirty elections,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said at Monday’s press briefing. “Many states are shirking their legal responsibilities to maintain clean voter rolls. This undermines confidence in our election system. Outrageously, the Obama Justice Department simply refuses to enforce the federal law that requires states to take reasonable steps to clean voter rolls. Judicial Watch is now doing the job of the U.S. Justice Department.”

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249 thoughts on “Judicial Watch plans to sue states with dirty voter rolls; Obama’s DOJ plays dead

  1. John in Chicago says:

    PLEASE start with Illinois.

  2. Connie Alsip says:

    OF course they don’t want to comply. I have read several stories re: people running from place to place, voting in every single one of them. Voter ID is necessary in this country, especially with the Dems in control. Here in my state, one county had more votes for Obama that there are PEOPLE in the county. I understand the dirty dems struggle, but for them to break the law, just as they did electing Obama, is stultifying. I hope the Dems lose so big it destroys their party of idiots.

  3. obadiahlynch says:

    Like I said, the poll worker lady (interesting that you find it important that she’s black, innit?) got caught and charged. The system worked as intended.

    1. Keet Hensley says:

      No it didn’t, she was just one of many, and others like the DEAD voters and Non-American voters and all the other frauds not to mention, Just Who the Heck is Obama Really? but he is still elected tho not qualified.

      1. obadiahlynch says:

        That’s what you’ve been told. But when the Grownups looked into the stories, they turned out to just plain not be true, as you would know if you spent a little less time over here on the grubby side of the interwebs and a little more time on actual news sites.
        You’ve turned yourself into what the pols call a ‘low information voter’. You could maybe fix the situation with some time on Snopes or Reuters.

  4. ConservativeSenior says:

    The DOJ has been dead since a criminal was placed as AG.

    1. Dick Fox says:

      Worst ever AG to go along with the worst ever pres.

  5. docscience says:

    Tragic, I ask you WHO, other than Democrats, who speaks for the dead and their right to vote?

  6. Obama IS-A-POS says:

    Only Iowa, Colorado and DC? I guess it’s a start. WHY wasn’t this done at least 1-2 years ago, if not 10-20 years ago? It’s almost as if most “conservative” groups aren’t really conservative if they don’t care about cleaning off the ineligible/nonexistent voters. The RNC is absolutely worthless and obviously corrupt on this matter. They have become an arm of the DNC. They can’t muster an ounce of criticism for the democrat party but they sure hate the Tea party. Why? Because their payola from the democrat gang family will come to an end if more Tea party candidates get in and clean up the RNC collusion and collaboration with democrats and America’s enemies.

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