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‘Gun for Hire’ radio co-host encourages ‘I will not comply’ revolt

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Gun range owner and “Gun for Hire” radio co-host Anthony P. Colandro told New Jersey lawmakers last week that if legislation banning the possession of magazines with more than 10-round capacities is enacted, he “will not comply.”

Colandro reminded New Jersey Assembly committee members that passage of bill A2006, “will, in fact, turn one million law-abiding, tax-paying citizens into criminals.” However, it would have zero impact on true criminals.

New Jersey currently restricts magazine sizes to 15 rounds.

“I personally own more that $30,000 worth of guns … that they do not make 10-round magazines for.” he told the committee members. Colandro added that his gun range had $20,000 worth of magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

“I want to know, Mr. Chairman, who will compensate me for those?”

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After noting the widespread civil disobedience to Connecticut’s new gun restrictions, he said, “One million gun owners in New Jersey are also going to say, like our brothers and sisters in the north, that ‘we will not comply.’ And I can tell you here and now, ‘I will not comply.'”

His closing words garnered enthusiastic applause from onlookers: “You can write these laws against us tax-paying, law-abiding citizens, but we’re not going to follow them.”

A2006 passed the Assembly by a 46-31 vote Thursday, and was sent to the Democratically-controlled Senate where it’s expected to be approved. It will then be up to Gov. Chris Christie. Although a Republican, he’s never been a huge supporter of Second Amendment rights.


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