Florida Chamber ad: Families footing the bill for frivolous lawsuits

A new TV ad released by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and the Florida Chamber of Commerce Monday alleges that Sunshine State families are paying extra for goods and services because of lawsuit abuse.

“As this ad demonstrates, families put away money every year to prepare for important milestones and events in life, such as buying a new home, sending their kids to college and planning for retirement,” U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform president, Lisa Rickard said. “But, what they don’t realize is that every year they are also paying $3,400 more for everyday goods and services because of lawsuits.”

“Because Florida’s plaintiff trial lawyers are unfairly hitting our state’s families and job creators with a lawsuit tax, we’re once again standing up for Florida’s workers and their jobs,” president and CEO of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Mark Wilson said. “When Floridians get to keep their hard earned money, Florida wins. When Florida wins, families and communities prosper.”

Watch the ad here:

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