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Laura Ingraham: We only care about ‘other countries’ borders and sovereignty’

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While discussing the crisis in Ukraine on “Fox News Sunday,” talk radio host Laura Ingraham asked why is it that we only seem to care about borders when it involves other countries.

“We can talk about, ‘We should do this and and we should do that’ and I understand that, I really do,” Ingraham said. “But we have a country right now where people look around and say, ‘Wait a second, why do we only seem to care about borders and sovereignty when they’re other countries’ borders and sovereignty? Why is it that we’re obsessed with that but in our country, we have a middle class completely flat-lining, we have economic opportunity dwindling?’”

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Characterizing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as “military adventurism,” Ingraham asserted that the middle class has lost its appetite for aggressive foreign policy.

“So these are the perils of military adventurism in previous decades, and we’re paying the price of that a little bit today,” Ingraham said. “I was a big supporter of the war in Iraq. I understand there are a lot of complexities there. But the American people are saying, where is the bang for the buck?”

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