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Gotta love Texas: GOP asks Texans for (just) 2 reasons they oppose Obama

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Texas Republican Greg Abbott might be officially running against Democrat Wendy Davis for governor, but he knows where the real opponent is.

Photo: The Obamacrat.com

On Sunday, Abbott released a Twitter post asking for input from supporters: “What are your top 2 reasons Texans dislike Obama (not counting Obamacare)”

The biggest challenge for that would be the 140-character limit, but Abbott’s supporters were up to it. Here are a few samples, via Twitchy. (And heads up: the last entry is tough to beat.)

Some used Obama’s own words to make the case:

Some used his record:

Some had trouble keeping it to two reasons:

And some cited the scandals that have been all but ignored by the Obama acolytes in the nation’s newsrooms.

Speaking of the IRS and Fast and Furious, here’s the response to Abbott that sums it up pretty well the arrogance of power and inherent danger of the Obama presidency’s distortion of the law for political purposes. As an indictment of the administration, it’s tough to beat.


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