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College kids count down Obama scandals in their own version of March Madness

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Have the media libs succeeded in burying the Obama scandals?

Don’t bet on it.

campusreform0324newConservative activist Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform took a field trip to George Mason University campus this month to give students there a chance to pick their “brackets” for what will emerge as the biggest scandal of the Obama Era.

Pegged to this week’s Elite Eight NCAA playoffs, the “matchups” involved top White House scandals from Benghazi to Obamacare, Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gun-walking plan to the IRS. The scandals were competing in quarterfinal and semifinal rounds before making it to the big game.

Student reaction was telling. The IRS squelching of conservative dissent, for instance, has been riding under most of the mainstream media radar for almost a year now. But it’s still getting picked up.

“That’s partially, probably how he got into office,” one man said while picking the IRS scandal over Fast and Furious.

If not how he got there, at least how he stayed there. The 2008 election was built on the vaporous potential of “hope and change.” Now, the hopes of the youth vote have changed.

“I really trusted this administration at first and they’ve broken a lot of that trust,” one woman told Bonham. “And I really wanted to see some change happen because — I don’t know, I thought I could trust them, but they just got really sketchy really fast,” she said.

Check out the video here, and find out what scandal made it to the final.

How would you bet?

H/T: Washington Times


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