Duck Dynasty soldier reunion
‘Duck Dynasty’ stars stage soldier’s surprise reunion with his young son

“Duck Dynasty” star Willie Robertson gave 10-year-old Josh Schreck quite a tour of the Duck Commander warehouse, but it ended with a surprise the young boy hadn’t […]

silenced 1
Video: Cowardly city officials silence critics with ridiculous ‘no personal attacks’ rule

City commissioners in Florida’s capital city have instituted a novel way of closing down criticism: cutting off the microphones of speakers at public meetings. That kind of […]

fed-up father
Nine-year-old bully provokes a father to do something police call ‘unprecedented’

Feeling like he was out of options, a fed-up father turned to the courts to protect his fourth grade son from being bullied at school. Parent Stephen […]

College kids count down Obama scandals in their own version of March Madness

Have the media libs succeeded in burying the Obama scandals? Don’t bet on it. Conservative activist Caleb Bonham of Campus Reform took a field trip to George […]

Gotta love Texas: GOP asks Texans for (just) 2 reasons they oppose Obama

Texas Republican Greg Abbott might be officially running against Democrat Wendy Davis for governor, but he knows where the real opponent is. On Sunday, Abbott released a […]

crimestoppers eater
Florida Crimestoppers chief won’t go to jail for swallowing a tip in court

MIAMI — Crimestoppers chief Richard Masten takes the identity of his tipsters very seriously. He stunned the media when he gobbled up a piece of paper that […]

Obamacare’s war on religion, the Constitution goes to Supreme Court this week

Religious freedom is going to court on Tuesday when the Supreme Court hears an Obamacare case one law professor calls “the heart of the culture war.” The […]

Laura Ingraham on stop and frisk
Laura Ingraham: We only care about ‘other countries’ borders and sovereignty’

While discussing the crisis in Ukraine on “Fox News Sunday,” talk radio host Laura Ingraham asked why is it that we only seem to care about borders […]

Popular ‘Obama as Mao’ shirts pulled from shops for Michelle’s China visit

First lady Michelle Obama visited the Great Wall of China on Sunday, and Chinese authorities had local merchants pull a popular Obama-Mao t-shirt during her time there. […]

Navy Nimitz class warship
Iran has a good reason for mysteriously building mock US ship, wink, wink

A week after reports that Iran was building a mock-up of an American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the country provided a credible reason for the vessel’s construction:It’s a […]

Obama travel Breitbart
Obama most ‘well-traveled, expensive president’ in history, numbers reveal

President Obama is the “most well-traveled, expensive president” in history – and his term isn’t even close to being finished, according to a study released exclusively to […]

Malkin Jeb
Florida Five: Ticket-selling giants push for power, Malkin vs. Jeb Bush on Common Core

Five of today’s top Florida political stories at your fingertips: Ticket-selling giants push for Florida legislation to help squash industry competition: Big-money ticket-selling companies like Ticketmaster are […]