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Story censored; glaring hole on International New York Times front page

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The International New York Times left some readers with more questions than answers when they woke up to a glaring blank space on the front page Sunday.

The story,  What Pakistan Knew About Bin Laden, was removed from Pakistan papers. But, thanks to the modern world of Twitter, the missing news made news.

According to Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy, the article, which claimed Pakistan’s government protected the Taliban, was censored by the printing partner in Pakistan without the Times’ knowledge.

Bloomberg.com reported:

“We would never self censor and this decision was made without our knowledge or agreement,” she said in an e-mail. “While we understand that our publishing partners are sometimes faced with local pressures, we regret any censorship of our journalism.”

It is unclear if the Times will continue its partnership with Express Tribune.


This is what the rest of the world saw in their copy:

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Michele Kirk


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