Disgusting display of immaturity as useless media focus on Obama home alone without Michelle

With first lady Michelle Obama off to China with the presidential daughters this week, it might seem like the White House has no teenagers for a while.

obamadegeneres0323But from the reaction of some of President Obama’s biggest water carriers in the media – like MSNBC’s Al Sharpton — the biggest adolescent is still at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., completely without adult supervision.

When the president appeared with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres to flog the rapidly approaching deadline to sign up for Obamacare, DeGeneres decided to use some of that precious time with the leader of the Free World to ask how he was faring with his wife away on vacation.

No concern for millions who’s health insurance policies were canceled in the wake of the “lie of the year” told by the man in the White House, no questions about the wisdom of upending the world’s leading health-care system, or his endless series of government-by-fiat executive orders that violate the plain letter of the law he championed.

Nope. Ellen treated her overwhelmingly female audience to questions about whether the 52-year-old president is capable of making his own bed and feeding himself without his wife around. (Considering this is from a media that once thought Obama was capable of feeding the multitudes with five loaves and two fishes, it’s a bit of a comedown.)

Meanwhile, in the slightly less Obama-loving world of late-night comedy, Jimmy Fallon used part of Thursday’s monologue on “The Tonight Show” to portray a president using the opportunity of his wife’s absence to get stoned in the Oval Office. (Good thing for Fallon that his liberal bona fides are already established.)

Check out Sharpton’s fawning take on Michelle Obama’s trip to China here – with footage from DeGeneres’ video interview with the president.

The mainstream media offers two views on the president without his wife: one comedic, the other pretending concern.

Both are embarrassing.



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