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What? US taxpayers paying male prostitutes in Mexico to wear condoms

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When considering how careless government is with money, we should be grateful that printing presses stay busy printing U.S. currency around the clock .

The latest example of this waste is a CNS News report of male sex workers in Mexico being paid by the National Institutes of Health to remain free of sexually transmitted diseases.

Almost $400,000 has been earmarked to fund a study by the agency to determine if such compensation will increase condom use among male prostitutes, according to CNS News.

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The lucky participants are required to attend a workshop that explains the benefits of using a condom and teaches the art of “condom negotiation.”

CNS News reported on the details of the study:

According to the study abstract, one group of 100 individuals will “receive low incentive ($200 pesos/each time) only if they are free of STIs at months 6 and 12.”

Another group of 100 will receive high incentives “($500 pesos/each time) if they are free of STIs at months 6 and 12.”

The control group of 100 does not receive any money regardless if they are STI free or not.

According to the study’s abstract, the working hypothesis is that offering incentives to stay free of sexually transmitted infections will result in more condom use among male sex workers.

When asked about the study, the National Institutes of Health said: “Research into unhealthy human behaviors that are estimated to be the proximal cause of more than half of the disease burden in the U.S. will continue to be an important area of research supported by NIH.”

The agency further stated that its mission is to “enhance health and lengthen life,” adding that effective prevention and treatment strategies will “reduce the disease burden in the U.S.”

Via Mexico City?

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