Union president teaches how to indoctrinate math students into liberal agenda

The president of the Chicago Teachers Union described at a conference in Austin, Texas early this month how to indoctrinate students into left-wing political agenda such as social justice while teaching math.

“You want to talk about organizing?” Karen Lewis asked her audience at the Network for Public Education conference. “You want to talk about social justice?”

She then launched into a description of how liberal activist Milwaukee Teachers Union president Bob Peterson teaches math, according to a video of the event released by EAG News.

“People always talk about how that there’s no politics and values in math. That you can teach math and there’s no place for social justice. So let me tell you how Bob deals with that,” Lewis said.

Students can be introduced to concepts such as labor organizing and social justice through the use of math story problems, she said, and gave as an example a problem using money and the cost of pencils.

“That’s a very political statement because it’s all about consumerism – it’s about buying stuff, right?

“Bob Peterson tells them about José working in a factory making piecemeal clothes. He uses the same numbers and gets the same answer. And yes, math is political, too,” she told the attendees.

“Don’t let people tell you there’s one way to do anything,” Lewis concluded.

Watch the video via EAG News, then check out “ Fallon mocks Obama in hilarious reenactment phone call with Putin.”


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