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State Dept. spends millions on program that tweets reason to potential terrorists; not kidding

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To the Obamabots, it’s probably the voice of tweet reason.

The State Department is reaching out to potential terrorists with a Twitter account called “Think Again Turn Away” that tries to use sweet reason to convince them of the errors of their ways.

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The news comes courtesy of lefty rag Mother Jones, which seems to think “a few million dollars annually” is chump change to pay to have someone come up with 140-character-or-less bromides aimed at converting the jihadists to brotherhood.

Mother Jones evidently approves of the program, quoting Will McCants, a former State counterterrorism adviser who now works at the lefty Brookings Institution, to show how it’s supposed to work.

Since Islamist recruiters find targets via Twitter, McCants said, it only makes sense for the U.S. to have a presence too, counseling murderous young Muslim men to cancel their suicide attack plans with nothing more than a hashtag and a well-chosen phrase.

After Mother Jones’ piece, the story was picked up by Reason.com’s Elizabeth Nolan Brown, who punctured the fantasy with one question (and in under 140 characters to boot):

“When’s the last time you changed any minor opinion, let alone your entire value and belief system, because of a random Internet troll?”

Check out a couple sample tweets, and remember that at just “a few million dollars,” by Obama Era standards this was a steal.

Not blowing up women and children? Where are you from?

For anyone but an Obamabot, that question answers itself.

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