Sharpton, Dems at Ohio rally welcome poll worker imprisoned for voter fraud


Melowese “Once is not Enough” Richardson
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Ohio Democrats honored a disgraced Hamilton County poll worker, convicted of voting multiple times, at a Voter Bill of Rights rally Thursday.

Al Sharpton was the keynote speaker at an event to spearhead a campaign to get an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would, among other things, allow for online voter registration. But the real guest of honor turned out to be Melowese Richardson, according to the Cincinnati Inquirer.

Inquirer reporter Sharon Coolidge tweeted:


In the 2012 presidential election, Richardson voted as many a six times in her fight “for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States,” according to Cincinnati’s Channel 9.

Richardson acknowledged in November that she voted by absentee ballot and then again at a precinct because she was afraid her absentee ballot would not be counted, according to Cincinnati’s Channel 9.

She also said she sent in an absentee ballot for her granddaughter, who voted at the precinct. And three other registered voters at Richardson’s address sent in absentee ballots at the same time, all with similar handwriting.

She was brought up on the stage during the rally and hugged by Sharpton, apparently for her efforts to keep Obama in the White House.

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The proposed Voter Rights amendment would provide, according to the Cincinnati Inquirer:

The amendment would allow online registration; maintain current identification options and expands them to include student identification; maintain the 35-day early voting period and forbid a ballot from being rejected due to poll worker error.

If the amendment passes, Ohio would no longer be a battleground state. It would be safely in the hands of the Democratic Party — especially if Richardson gets her old job back at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

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282 thoughts on “Sharpton, Dems at Ohio rally welcome poll worker imprisoned for voter fraud

  1. littlewing says:

    whats next al. tawanapalooza?

  2. Ralph Sampson says:

    This is absolutely shocking. I can’t believe Dullton would run around with people convicted of voter fraud. The same fraud, I might add, that his lying monkey lips say doesn’t exist.

  3. Brian Robinson says:

    Just amazing!

  4. squint9 says:

    What’s the problem? Everyone has ID. If you drive, you have ID. If you get guvmint aid, you have ID. Even if you don’t do either, photo ID is as close as the DMV. If you’re too lazy to get to the DMV, you’re probably not going to vote anyhow. This woman worked there, knew the rules, and still managed to vote multiple times without any problem!

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