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Revolutionary! Colo. public middle school kids go on shooting range field trip to learn gun safety

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After learning about America’s Revolutionary War in their classrooms, Pueblo County, Colo., school officials allowed the students to go to a firing range and experience weaponry firsthand.

The middle school kids were supervised by volunteers from Project Appleseed, an activity of the Revolutionary War Veterans Association, whose mission is to teach the history and heritage of the Founders, KRDO reported.

The students fired live ammunition at the range after receiving instruction on handling and controlling firearms. According to the RWVA website, the participants also are invited to join a marksmanship program, with their parents’ permission, to better understand the difficult decisions the colonialists had to make in securing this infant nation.

“We’ve never been allowed to bring actual real firearms into a school until this week,”  Appleseed Instructor Elizabeth Blackwood told the local TV station. “This is a very big deal. We had them touching firearms, holding them and learning about how to handle them safely.”

The unusual field trip was neatly summarized by Jonah Statenzy, one of the middle-schoolers.

“I think everyone should learn how to use a gun but learn how to use it properly, and the precautions you’re supposed to take and how serious a gun really is,” he said.

See News Channel 13’s coverage

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Hats off to the Revolutionary War Veterans Association.

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