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Matt Drudge pays ‘liberty tax,’ Obamacare opt-out penalty; WH, liberal press attack him

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Matt Drudge took to Twitter on Friday to share that he had just “paid the Obamacare penalty” for not enrolling in healthcare coverage, as is now required by law.

Calling it a “liberty tax,” the creator of the Drudge Report tweeted:

Incredibly, within a matter of minutes, White House spokesperson Jesse Lee called Drudge’s assertion a “flat lie,” Twitchy reported.

From an “official” White House Twitter account, as stated in her profile, Lee tweeted:

As the director of progressive media at the Obama White House, Lee’s tweet served as a call to action to friendly media outlets far and wide to back up her allegation that Drudge was being dishonest.

Ironically, her attentiveness to Drudge’s tweet served as a contradiction to her dismissive remark about him having “once had” influence.

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In a series of follow up tweets, Drudge explained that as a small business owner he pays taxes quarterly and when paying his first quarter estimate for 2014, he is required to pay the “tax” for not having health insurance if he is not enrolled in a plan.

Something you would expect a White House spokesperson to know, but this is the Obama White House. Drudge did his part to help out by tweeting a link to a Breitbart.com article that explained it in more detail:

And he got in a shot in at the Obama-friendly media for piling on:

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