Girl suspended for taking razor blade from friend who wanted to cut himself

A Virginia Beach sixth-grade student received a 10-day suspension for momentarily possessing a tiny razor blade she’d snatched from a classmate who was about to cut his arm.

Citing the school policy on weapons possession, Bayside Middle School disciplined student Adrionna Harris last week with the suspension, and even recommended expulsion, according to WAVY-TV.

Because the classmate was about to cut his arm, Harris said she didn’t have time to find a teacher. So she grabbed the blade and immediately threw it away. This occurred at the end of the school day, and the following morning she explained what had happened to a counselor.

As WAVY reported:

The interesting thing — the only reason Adrionna got suspended was because she admitted what happened. The alleged weapon was thrown away, and it was her word alone that led to her suspension.

“I was shocked and surprised. I was very shocked that a student would get suspended for saving another child,” said Rachael Harris, Adrionna’s mother. “The school system over-reached absolutely.”

Like many similar school policies, the one regarding weapons at Bayside is a zero-tolerance, absolute one having no wiggle room.

Adrionna’s fate remained in limbo for close to a week until the school finally backed down to public pressure. Bayside lifted the suspension and there is no more talk of expelling her for the act of being a good Samaritan.

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