Embarrassing: Michelle’s China stay in $8,000 a night hotel has workers ‘fed-up’ with ‘barking at staff’

The first lady’s third trip abroad without her husband is turning out to be a “real treat” after all — and the family’s apparently treating it with real class.


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The presidential suite at the Westin Beijing Chaoyang where Michelle, her mother and her two daughters are staying costs a whopping $8,350 a night, and taxpayers are picking up the tab for every dime of the “official” trip, according to the White House Dossier.

The tab’s likely to total more than $1 million, the White House Dossier reported.

In addition to getting the privilege of footing the bill for another royal vacation by the first family (without the member of it whose actually on the government payroll), taxpayers are being represented abroad with manners that would make a real royal – or even “The Ugly American” – blush.

The Mail Online reported Friday Michelle Obama’s mother, Marian Robinson, has been “barking at staff” since the family’s arrival Thursday and the hotel workers are “fed up.”

“We can’t wait for this to be over, to tell you the truth,” one staff told the Mail in a phone interview. “We entertain many important people here, but this has been, I think, very different.”

Egadsten!’ Pelosi’s daughter does the
unthinkable to Gadsden ‘don’t tread on me’ flag

And that’s on top of the normal hurly burly that comes with American “royalty” on the road, like the Secret Service taking over an entire floor (again, paid for by the American taxpayer) and monopolizing elevators for security purposes. The Washington Times reported Thursday that the whole road show works out to about 70 people getting taxpayer-funded trips to the Far East so Michelle could get her mom out of the White House for a few days.

Could any of that be why reporters were kept out of the trip?

In a Twitter post, Fox News contributor Britt Hume said he thought so.

Some of Hume’s readers agreed. Here’s a sample, compliments of Twitchy.

This one might have summed it up the best.

Egadsten!’ Pelosi’s daughter does the
unthinkable to Gadsden ‘don’t tread on me’ flag

CORRECTION: The original version of this post identified Brit Hume’s network incorrectly.

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Joe Saunders

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524 thoughts on “Embarrassing: Michelle’s China stay in $8,000 a night hotel has workers ‘fed-up’ with ‘barking at staff’

  1. apricered says:

    As ‘polite’, and demur, as the Chinese are brought-up to be, especially with GUESTS! for them to offer that ‘observation’ of them, (BO’s family), is quite ‘stunning’ to say the least!!!!!!

  2. Brian Robinson says:

    Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will be flying a 777 back insted of AF1!

  3. HonestToAtee says:

    RACIST NAMES: Keep in mind people that the Soros paid troll brigade will come in here and use racist speech to make us all look dirty! No Conservative is using the racial language, it is always the leftists so we KNOW these trolls are here!

  4. Brian Robinson says:

    And this folks is how the Dems win elections! Reading the comments posted here it’s easy to see, they divide and concur. It takes so little for you all to be at each other’s throat even if you have the same belief or party affiliation. Why do you think there are always Tea Party candidates that get lots of funding (From Dems) on the same ticket when you have a Dem and a Repub running? The Dems split the vote between the Repubs and Tea Party so they win.

  5. Richard O. Mann says:

    It’s sad day in America.

  6. toothii says:

    Michelle has a Marie Antoinette “syndrome”. “let’em eat cake”…their mouths say one thing about improving the middle class and uplifting the poor, yet they represent the worst of the nuveau riche…they put themselves at the center of the universe and feel they are owed all of this lavishness. How does one respect that? How do the people who seemed to be the “focus” of the Obama’s continue to support these two “royalties”. Since Obama took office their lives have gotten progressively worse, NOT BETTER. The Obama’s are the ultimate Entitlement takers. If the press were doing their job, they would take these two to task. Instead the mainstream media continues to glorify the Obama’s. Any criticisms are met with charges of racism….FNC calls it like they see it and they receive contempt from the main stream media and scorn from the Obama’s themselves. yet the proof is there for all to see, at least for those willing to look.

    1. Lee Workman says:

      I believe that is called parasitism.

      1. toothii says:

        Good description ‘

  7. Helga Stintzcum says:

    Good point, American Bear!

  8. George Bleick says:

    Any way you want to look at it – mooooochellllle looks like an APE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. princess says:

    Is our obamma having an affair and wants his mother out of the office and his wife with the kids? What is he up to now ? He is going to try and do something while all of our eyes are on her because of the taxes being used,. Makes me wonder.

  10. Eugene Sevene says:

    I was brought up that the N WORD had nothing to do with color and everything to do with life style. What they say and what they do says mountains about their life style and beliefs. No I am not racist for I don’t like Biden either

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