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Eric Holder, other DOJ officials exploit loophole to travel at taxpayer expense

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A newly-released Government Accountability Office report reveals that Attorney General Eric Holder, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, and other top Department of Justice officials continue to take personal trips on the public dime, despite repeated cautions.ericholder

The latest flight and personal-expenses tab runs to $7.8 million, the Washington Post reports.

Although Holder is required as Attorney General to use-non-commercial flights, he also is supposed to reimburse the government for his personal trips. But a bizarre Government Services Administration exemption, which allows exemptions to intelligence agencies to not document unclassified personal travel, has proven a golden loophole. Yet this exemption blatantly contradicts guidelines set in place during the Clinton administration by the Office of Budget and Management, according to the Post.

The non-partisan Congressional GAO takes the GSA to task. “GSA regulations that allows intelligence agencies not to report unclassified data on senior federal official travel for non-mission purposes is not consistent with executive branch requirements, and GSA has not provided a basis for deviating from these requirements,” the report reads. Subsequently, GSA has promised to rectify the non-mission exemption.

In August, Judicial Watch obtained records of Holder charging the taxpayer for his business and personal expenses, jetting across the country to make political speeches and living in the lap of luxury, to the tune of more than $4 million.

No response has yet been issued by the Justice department or the FBI, but “the most transparent administration in history” continues to prove as clear as mud.

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