‘Egadsten!’ Pelosi’s daughter does the unthinkable to Gadsden ‘don’t tread on me’ flag

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s  daughter tweeted an image Wednesday that mocked an enduring icon of the tea party, and adding insult to injury, she was advocating in favor of the one issue the movement has fought the hardest — Obamacare.

Since the tea party’s inception in early 2009, the Gadsden flag has been used to represent the movement and Christine Pelosi tweeted an image of a stethoscope shaped like the coiled rattlesnake seen on the flag, along with the caption, “Don’t Tread on my Obamacare.”

The image depicts a bumper sticker being advertised by Organizing for Action, the issue oriented activist group that evolved from Barack Obama’s campaign operation.

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The shameless attempt to attract attention worked, with Twitter users wasting little time letting a political elitist’s privileged offspring know just how they felt about her stunt.

A sampling of the tweets, as captured by Twitchy:

In addition to providing criticism, Twitter is also known to solve a problem or two, and one user did just that:

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