CNN: ‘Heads exploding’ in Biden’s office over ‘slap’ – WH planning for Hillary 2016

Obama White House Chief Counsel and former Clinton Chief-of-Staff John Podesta seems to be setting the stage for a Hillary takeover, much to the distaste of potential candidate Vice President Joe Biden.

According to a report in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, the Obama senior adviser wants to arrange a weekly meeting with Mrs. Clinton and her aides to prep for the 2016 run.

Speaking on CNN’s Inside Politics, reporter John King said that not only was Podesta pushing a Hillary candidacy, but that former White House Deputy Chief-of-Staff for Operations Jim Messina had left to manage a Super PAC on her behalf.

Host Peter Hamby remarked that “heads must be exploding in the vice president’s office,” as this disrespect “really has to stick in his craw, I think.”

H/T Washington Free Beacon

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